Workers’ compensation due to COVID-19

Would you qualify as a worker for workers’ compensation?

Whether you qualify as a worker to receive workers’ compensation depends on the following: insurance, your work situation, whether the claim was made on time and your work-related illnesses or injuries.

However, independent contractors, temporary workers, or volunteers do not qualify for compensation; only employees. In the case of volunteers, if they are covered by the employment agency that hired them, they would qualify. As for independent contractors, if they have at least a little control over what they do, and the employer sets the working hours, duties, and workplace, then they could be considered an employee.

In the case of COVID-19, the evaluation must be done in each particular case and depending on the circumstances of contracting COVID-19.

This article was translated from the original publication from Abogados Centro Legal:




Just a dude that loves to write about anything and everything under the sun!

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Jake Milkerson

Jake Milkerson

Just a dude that loves to write about anything and everything under the sun!

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