Compensation for dispensation of medications in error

The negligence of pharmacies for delivering the wrong medications also occurs and if you have been a victim of this situation, and have been seriously injured as a result from ingesting or applying such medications, dispensed in error, then you have the opportunity to sue and receive compensation.

Seek medical assistance first. Then hire an experienced personal injury attorney, as these cases require a skilled and devoted litigator. He or she will be able to determine if you have a case that could be successful.

Margin of error

Although there are few steps in the path from the doctor preparing the prescription for medications to you receiving the container identified with your name, along with the name of the medication, errors can still occur. The following should be clarified before continuing; If the treating doctor is the one who prescribes you the wrong medication or indicates a dose that is not appropriate, it would be a case of medical negligence.

However, pharmacists, due to their training, can detect this type of situation, and as such, if all the medications are handled in the same pharmacy and they do not detect the error, they could be responsible.

But what happens at the pharmacy once your prescription is processed?

Several situations can occur:

The pharmacist may write the prescription incorrectly Giving your prescription to someone else

-Writing the wrong dose Confuse medications

-Not giving you instructions or giving you instructions not intended for you

-Not asking if you have allergies

They may eventually warn you once they have made the mistake and correct it, but if not, medical events could occur that could seriously affect your health.

What would compensation cover?

It would cover the following:

Medical and hospital expenses, permanent disability, loss of income, pain and suffering, in some cases punitive damages and other expenses that may be related. In the unfortunate event that the person dies, the claim will be for wrongful death.

Why do pharmacists make mistakes?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), just over 7,000 people die each year and this figure is on an upward trend. Errors could be caused by:

  • Pharmacists who are overworked and therefore tired
  • Pharmacies hiring inexperienced staff
  • Different systems are used to recheck information, such as names, labels, etc., causing confusion.
  • There is no effective communication between medical staff and pharmacists.

Submitting these claims seeks not only compensation for errors, but also calls upon these companies to take more appropriate measures in order to avoid risks to patients.

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Just a dude that loves to write about anything and everything under the sun!

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Jake Milkerson

Jake Milkerson

Just a dude that loves to write about anything and everything under the sun!

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